Equine Therapy

To help special needs children reach their full potential

A San Miguel de Allende nonprofit serving local kids and families

We provide a safe and nurturing environment to inspire confidence, independence and well-being in children with a wide range of physical, cognitive and emotional challenges. Our Certified Equine Therapists work with each child to develop appropriate activities that celebrate their abilities and encourage them to go beyond their perceived limits. Our mission is to ensure that kids from all around San Miguel de Allende enjoy deep connections with lasting benefits — regardless of their ability to pay.

How it works

Equine therapy is a well-established, effective treatment for children with a wide range of special needs from autism, developmental and sensory disorders to physical, social and emotional challenges. When facilitated by trained experts, horses provide a safe and dynamic environment which fosters peace, security and healing.

Over time, children learn to interact with, care for and build close and lasting bonds with our special team of horses. They grow and benefit from the calm, rhythmic movements and stimulation of tactile senses. As confidence increases, they often become more communicative and more open to new experiences that not only enrich their lives – but the lives of their families and friends.

On a physical level, equine therapy has also been shown to improve muscle strength, balance, flexibility and spatial awareness. With repeated exposure and interaction, children are more likely to increase their mobility, boost their confidence and enhance their willingness to take on new challenges and learn new things.