For Parents

We’re here for you and your family

Our Certified therapists will conduct an initial assessment, then work with your child to develop an individual plan to encourage and guide them at every step.

Our horses are carefully chosen for their gentle natures and calming presence. Most children will start with simple exposure – touching, grooming and getting to know them. As their confidence builds, some children will mount the horses and walk with a therapist and assistant on each side.

No matter what level your child is at, we provide a safe, secure space to help grow and learn over time. We ask that you commit to at least three months of weekly sessions, to give your child time to build confidence and learn new skills.

We know that for many families, funds are limited. So we ask only for a small weekly payment as a sign of your commitment to the program. We are thankful for generous donors and volunteers who help make this possible for all the children who need us!

If you have a child who can benefit from our program, please contact us.